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Teckla H. Meister

PASSIONATE: I was blessed to be able to start my "second" career in real estate after having practiced law in the State of Ohio. When my family moved here I felt as if I'd found my haven. Asheville is such an incredible place with such an endless array of opportunities that it took me a long time to find words that capture the essence of how I feel about Asheville. And, I think I found it - being in Asheville is like taking your first breath - breathing in, coming alive and being invigorated by all the possibilities that Asheville and the surrounding areas have to offer.

DEDICATED: Because of those endless Asheville possibilities, it can be daunting when you try to sort through all of the housing and property options. Having gone through that process I get it - I know exactly how it feels. I can help you analyze, evaluate and consider all of your options - whether mountains, valleys, lakes, downtown,streams, or hills - we'll take whatever period of time you need until we get it all figured out - dedicated to making the housing search work for you!

COMMITTED: I pride myself in finding the home that meets most, if not all, of your criteria. I am an excellent listener. I listen and ask until I know exactly what you want and then I go and find it! I focus on all of your "must haves" and I am committed to finding your "everything"!

TRAINED: I understand the nuances of this "buyer beware" state. I can explain and help you as you navigate and negotiate through the selling or buying process.

THOROUGH: I am a detail-oriented person. I will follow-up and follow-through on every aspect of your listing or home purchase.

CARING: It doesn't matter the size or price of the home or property because I care about each and every one of my clients. When the deal is done, I'm still checking in with you to make sure everything is as it should be. And, I will continue to be there - every step of the way.

Awards & Designations

January, 2011 - Top Listings Producer