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    From majestic mountain mansions to beautiful tiny houses, I can help find your dream home that's a perfect fit.

    I’ve been there. I searched the world over for that perfect place to set my roots, and I found it in Asheville. Majestic home or tiny house, let me help you find your place.

    I grew up in a small farm town in rural New York where apple orchards stretched for miles, summer days were spent on my horse, and everyone knew your name. I left my little town to attend college in the bigger city of Rochester. There, I launched my career managing million-dollar projects for big corporations. Still searching for my place in this world, I moved across state to discover an amazing place called "The Hamptons”. With it’s eclectic mix of graceful mansions and sweet cottages, beautiful beaches and rustic farms, celebrities, surfers, artists, and musicians – it was there I discovered my love for real estate, but I wasn’t meant to stay. The economy had turned and "housing" became synonymous with "hardship". I had to leave the beautiful beachfront mansions behind to pursue something more meaningful. The mountains were calling, so I packed up and headed to where I’ve always known I wanted to be… Asheville.

    About a decade ago, our economy grew difficult for folks to keep their homes and I knew we needed options. We needed an “out of the box” solution. It seemed that downsizing and a return to bungalows, cottages, and smaller but still beautiful homes might be the answer. So I created a little group of like-minded folks. We called it, “The Asheville Tiny Home Association”. I invited architects to speak, organized hands-on building workshops, managed tours, lectures, meetings… all in an effort to bring folks together to teach each other the skills and create options for today’s market.

    When it quickly grew to over 1,600 members, I knew I had struck a chord. When I began receiving calls from TV stations and newspapers, I knew it was a movement. When I began receiving hundreds of emails from folks asking how they could buy a tiny house, I knew I had found my calling. Necessity had me stumbling into becoming one of the pioneers of what is now called "The Tiny Home Movement".

    Upon moving to this very special place, I discovered my own "Forever Home” nestled in these mountains and a few years ago I purchased my own beautiful little mountain house. As I promised myself I would, I continue to pursue ways to keep the effort to heal our housing crisis moving forward. I’m now a “North Carolina Real Estate Broker".

    Graceful mansion homes will always hold a place in my heart, but now there’s another place in my heart for beautiful, affordable, small homes. I would be honored to join you on your search for your home in this beautiful place… mansion to tiny.

    You can reach Kris by calling or texting her at 828.443.3909 or emailing

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