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    How To Highlight Your Eco-Friendly Home


    People all over the world are talking about reducing their carbon footprints. The good news is that an eco-friendly home helps them to accomplish this goal, and it gives you several great selling points.

    The advantages of owning a “green” home would also appeal to those whose carbon footprint impact isn’t a major concern, so listing the benefits of a LEED-certified home will work for you as a seller in all circles.

    Green Homes are Energy-Efficient

    Eco-friendly homes were created to be energy-efficient. When designers plan these homes, they look for ways that they can take advantage of the area’s natural sunlight. The result is a home that will be naturally warm in the winter and characteristically cool in the summer. They also design the home so that water can be used in the most efficient manner.

    A house that is LEED-certified is one that doesn’t require people to use their heaters and air conditioners as often as those who live in regular homes. Because they can use water more efficiently, less water is wasted in a green environment. Because this is the case, you can highlight the fact that living in your home will mean that the buyer will be privileged to have lower electric and water bills every month.

    The Air Quality Is Superior

    The air quality inside a green home is preferable to the air inside a regular home. Builders construct regular homes with materials that emit volatile organic compounds. Volatile organic compounds are gases that can have an adverse affect on your health. They can cause nausea and headaches, and they may even cause cancer.

    Your green home doesn’t have the issue described above because it is not made from the common materials that are used to build regular homes. Builders of green homes use recycled materials and other organic products, such as cob hemp, lime plaster and straw bale. These materials emit negligible amounts of volatile organic compounds, and this means that the air quality in a green home is healthier than the air in a regular home.

    Maintenance Costs Are Low

    When considering whether or not they can afford a house, people factor in the cost of maintenance. Because they will be purchasing an eco-friendly home from you, the future buyers of your home will have maintenance costs that will be much lower than they anticipated.

    A green house is built with recycled materials made of wood fibers and plastic, and these are much more durable than the materials used for regular homes. This means that the next owners of your home will not spend as much money or time on maintenance issues as would be required for a regular house.

    They Reduce the Amount of Landfill Waste

    Another selling point is the fact that a green house keeps trash from collecting in landfills because eco-friendly homes are constructed with recycled products. The alternative is to create building materials for a regular home in a factory where fossil fuels are needed. During the process, chemicals are released into the water, air and soil, and this is eliminated every time that a green house is constructed.

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