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    What Most Sellers Forget to Tell Potential Buyers

    Homes for saleToday’s real estate market is a complicated one. Oftentimes, it can feel like pulling teeth to get people to look at your home, let alone buy it. However, many sellers often forget to highlight some important features of their homes that could help their home stand out. The house’s size and appearance speak for themselves, but there are plenty of other things about your house that prospective buyers will love. Here are a few things you should make sure your agent is highlighting in your home’s listing description and when speaking with prospective buyers.


    While your home’s address is made available in every traditional listing, a street name doesn’t mean anything to people just moving to the area. Make sure to mention local businesses, schools and public transportation stops near your home, especially if they are within walking or biking distance. A prospective buyer may work just a few streets down from your house, and seeing their workplace listed in proximity to your home just might make it their number one choice.

    Senior Friendly Features

    There is a large population of aging homeowners or younger couples who expect to have elderly relatives move in with them. While your home probably doesn’t have a wheelchair ramp or a chair to travel up stairs, you can still mention some of the more common home features that are wheelchair friendly. Low-maintenance landscaping and homes with ground level bedrooms are both attractive to senior citizens. Paint a picture of how your home can fit their needs, and you’ll have them hooked.

    Energy Efficient Features

    More and more homeowners are looking to conserve energy. If you have major energy efficient upgrades, you’ve probably already thought of that as a selling point. What you may not have considered are things like new insulation, tankless water heaters and other smaller upgrades that have lowered your bills over the years. Prospective buyers will love knowing that they’re moving into an energy and cost efficient home.


    One of the most common complaints from home renters is the lack of storage. For first-time home buyers, an abundance of storage options will seem like a dream. Highlight your home’s storage spaces as you try to sell your home. Don’t just focus on the big ones like attic and basement space. Point out closets, pantries and built-in shelving as well. While other houses may have these features, they may not be advertising them the way that you are.

    Green Building Materials

    While green building material may not directly influence your home’s monetary value, plenty of people are actively seeking out homes that are positive for the environment. Homes built with eco-friendly materials, a compost bin in the backyard or the use of chemical-free, natural cleaning materials for the last few years are all things that will attract environmentally conscience buyers.  Any additional installations or add-ons to your home that help the environment is also worth mentioning.

    You might not have thought of these features as something that could draw people to your home, but many home buyers are actively searching for homes with these characteristics. Don’t forget to mention the unique elements of your home when putting your home on the market. Highlighting things your home has that others don’t will attract buyers who are bound to fall in love with your home.

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