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    “Why Isn’t My House Selling?”

    It’s true that selling a house can take time. In this rising market, however, homes shouldn’t be sitting stagnant. It’s a great time to sell and you want to take advantage of that opportunity.

    If your home is currently listed and not receiving offers, then consider these top 6 factors that could be holding you back.

    1. You’re priced too high. Unfortunately, many sellers list above market value without considering the facts. The #1 reason homes don’t get showings or offers is the list price. Your list price must be aligned with recent local sales history, not just your personal needs. Also, listing high and expecting a buyer to “just make an offer to start negotiating” will discourage showings and offers. Find a great Real Estate Agent and trust them. Your agent wants your home to sell for the highest price possible, but they also know the comps.

    2. Your home needs deep cleaning. You probably did some sprucing when you listed the home, but every home could be cleaner! We often don’t realize the dust and smells that accumulate over years of living in a house, but potential buyers are looking at your home with fresh perspective. A less-than-squeaky-clean home looks run-down to buyers. It makes a big difference to take out old rugs, extra furniture and decor, and scrub down every surface, decluttering as you go. This also includes pets… while you love Fido and his fur, potential buyers are often turned off by even the mildest of pet evidence. Try to have your pets out of the home for showings, if possible. After a thorough scrub down, your home will shine past the competition!

    3. Your home needs repairs. If there are simple repairs needed, do them! When buyers walk through your house, they are creating a to-do list in their head. Anticipate this and keep the list short. Obviously, large repair needs are a big deal. For example, a leak in the roof or a busted furnace are major turn-offs to any buyer and will keep you from getting top dollar. If you can, put some fresh, neutral paint on the walls and steam clean any carpet.

    4. You have too much stuff. Every agent will tell you to de-clutter, de-clutter, and then de-clutter some more. Buyers want to be able to see the walls and floors of your house. When you have too much furniture, collectibles, and pictures, it limits the buyer’s ability to imagine their own things in your home. Take this opportunity to simplify and start packing!

    5. You’re not being flexible. Do you deny showings for your own convenience? Are you unwilling to accept buyers with certain financing? Do you refuse to market online or have a sign in the yard? There are certainly reasons to stand firm on what you need or want, but you also want to step back and look at the big picture. Have honest conversations with your agent about what you expect and why and try to be open to suggestions.

    6. You need better marketing. If you aren’t using an agent, then hire one! An agent can make sure you have the best pictures, online marketing, and exposure to get your house sold quickly. If you already have an agent, then talk with them about their marketing strategy. Make sure the listing pictures and details are top-notch, there are quality printed materials inside the home for showings, and your agent is utilizing online resources.

    Call an Exit Realty Vistas agent today to get your home marketed and sold. We strive to create referable experiences by providing quality real estate services with integrity and transparency.

    Let’s sell your house!


    (This blog post was the opinion of contributor Brianna Campbell and not necessarily everyone at Exit Realty Vistas)

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