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    Coventry Woods – Arden, NC

    Coventry Woods in Arden, North Carolina

    The beauty about Arden, NC, is that it is so close to Asheville, NC. This is not a big city neighborhood, but if you wish to visit a big city then Asheville is the place to go. You can visit the largest city in North Carolina whenever you want.

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    This small town is the perfect place to raise a family. Since it is not directly in the big city you can spend some quality time with your children. Let them play with other kids in the neighborhood.

    Parents can create lasting friendships quickly as well. Many other families choose Arden as a place to live with their family. Elderly couples also enjoy living in the area and love to provide assistance to the community whenever possible. There are a lot of positive people in the area that make Arden a peaceful place to live.

    Education System

    The elementary school has teachers that have been part of the community for years. Everyone that helps to raise the children is someone you can trust. It’s a good feeling knowing that your children are being raised by instructors that could very well be your neighbors.

    The education system in the area is one of the best in the nation as well. Asheville High School was ranked one of the top 100 high schools in the United States. That influence is spread to all of the other schools in the area.

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    There are a selection of colleges to choose in the area as well. Colleges such as Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College, Shaw University, and Mars Hill University are all fine places of higher learning.

    Clean Environment Initiatives

    Asheville has influenced the area to push for more sustainable ways of living. The city strives towards creating more alternative green energy sources. This reduces pollution and the amount of toxic waste that is emitted into the air.

    The pollution levels have gone down and the air quality has improved over the years because of these clean environment initiatives. There are a lot of free courses offered in the area on ways to also grow home gardens and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

    If you have been interested in learning how to reduce the amount of energy you consume then this is a good area to live. It is also the perfect place to reside if you want to start a small garden with fresh fruits and vegetables.

    City Life in Asheville

    Go ahead and spend some money on the family. There are plenty of places to shop in Asheville. Sometimes you need to get out and buy new clothes or items. Asheville has a lot more to offer than places to shop.

    The art culture in the city is also big. Visit one of the art galleries to see what local artists have created. Now is the perfect time to move to Arden. Arden will keep you entertained and Asheville is right around the corner, never to leave you bored.

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