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    Covington Crossing – Asheville, NC

    Covington Crossing in Asheville, North Carolina

    If you are thinking about moving to the Asheville, NC area, you may want to think about living near Covington Crossing soon. This is a close-knit community that encourages families to move in and enjoy themselves.

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    Since it is included in the Asheville area, there will be many people who will become interested in what this city has to offer. Think about whether you would like to move in to a home in this community center.

    You can find great deals on real estate bargains in the area, including many great single-family homes. If you choose to live in the Covington Crossing area, you will not be disappointed.

    Amenities To Expect Here

    When you decide to live in Covington Crossing, you will immediately appreciate the wooded area around you. This sets up a tranquil living atmosphere that characterizes the houses that are for sale here.

    You can actually explore quite a bit of western North Carolina, which is well known for some of its hills and mountains. There are even white water rafting opportunities at some periods during the year.

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    Be sure that you read up on some of the bylaws before you move in to a house here. These have been set down to help make sure that people keep up the appearance of the home that they purchase.

    Schools In The Area

    Covington Crossing is linked in to the public school district in Asheville, which is a highly rated district in the state of North Carolina. No matter how old your kids may be, you will have a number of options at your disposal.

    Think about sending them to the Carolina Day School if you would like them to go to a high quality private school. If you have high school aged kids, think about some of the local places like Asheville High School. Young adults may want to consider attending the University of North Carolina – Asheville campus. This is a popular choice and enrolls thousands of students each year.

    Entertainment Options In Asheville

    Think about trying to experience many of the activities that Asheville has to offer, when you get a chance. The city is well known for its diverse array of performing arts, so you may want to experience this sometime.

    The city recently opened up a new venue in 2010, known as the Magnetic Theater. You might also be interested in visiting the Flood Fine Arts Center, which houses a collection of different art collections. This can be one of the best ways to experience the local culture that you can find here.

    Restaurants Available In Asheville

    Many people are impressed by the wide variety of different restaurants that they can get in the Asheville area. Some people will want to think about the Fig Bistro, which provides a number of top quality American dishes.

    Others might want to head to the Mela Indian Restaurant, where they can find some of the most exotic tastes in the city. Be sure that you also try out the Laughing Seed Cafe, which can provide an impressive selection of vegetarian dishes.

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