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    Homes for sale in Downtown Hendersonville NC by Susan Duncan

    I have the privilege showing some buyers from Austin, TX homes today in Hendersonville.  They are wanting to live within walking distance to downtown Hendersonville. 

    I have been showing them adorable rehabbed homes from 1950’s to 1970’s under $200K, that you could walk to downtown Hendersonville from.  I have more to show them on Sunday and Monday, including two pocket listings that aren’t even on the market yet, and I am having so much fun!

    Fun couple, great homes and it is just a joy! 

    What amazes me is that you can walk to downtown Hendersonville for less than $200k!  In Asheville, if you wanted to purchase a home within walking distance of downtown Asheville (I know, walking distance is relative), you are looking at $220K and above, IF it is live-able.  You might could find something below $200K, but it is going to need substantial rehab.

    You know, Asheville has been compared to Austin TX, quite often.  Articles state the towns are very similar in culture.  Well, these buyers told me that Austin is growing by an average of 60,000 people per year.  This is adding the population of Asheville to Austin every year!

    Now this can be a little scary.  Asheville is a great place to live, but why is that?  Because of the quality of life that the town has created.  If this town begins to grow substantially, annually, can we maintain the quality of life that we have groomed?

    I actually came to Asheville 40 years ago on a vacation with my parents.  I remember, we stayed at a sweet little hotel across the street from All Souls Episcopal Church in Biltmore Village.  That little white two story hotel has been torn down many years ago and now a Ruth Chris with minimal parking is on that location.

    After that memorable vacation, I came back to Asheville during my college years to work at a Christian Retreat Center and there, I met my husband.   We were very fortunate to move back to the mountains after having been married only 5 years and were able to raise our family of 25 years here.

    In the 70’s, parts of the downtown area of Asheville was desolate.  Buildings were boarded up, stores were old and worn and it was a place you went to because you had to, to meet with your accountant, pick up a friend at the Greyhound Bus Station or something along that line.  Downtown Asheville wasn’t the destination place that it is today.

    I am getting off track a bit, but the point I am trying to make is that Asheville has really improved itself to the point that now many buyers are wanting to live “within walking distance of downtown Asheville”, but this is a challenge to find.

    What is encouraging, is to find that this is still do-able in Hendersonville!  Hendersonville has a great, traditional downtown area with local restaurants and shops.  The town keeps the streets very well maintained, and very clean. 

    If you are looking for “homes for sale in Asheville NC”, considering googling “homes for sale in Hendersonville NC”.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised.  You will find house for your money and if you want to live within walking distance of downtown Hendersonville, it is a possibility.

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