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    Biltmore Lake – South Asheville, NC

    Biltmore Lake in South Asheville, North Carolina

    The Biltmore Lake community is located in the state of North Carolina and just a few minutes away from the city of Asheville, NC. The distance between Asheville and the mountainous small lake city of Biltmore is just but 10 minutes drive away. The community is set up in 1,300 acres of land and draws residents from diverse backgrounds, ages and races.


    A rough estimate of the number of families living in Biltmore Lake adds up to 600. Home ownership is highly diverse with residents being provided with various options like cottages, town houses and even individual homes. Some of the neighborhoods where one can live in Biltmore Lake community include the Rock Fish Cove, Cedar Rock, Laurel Ridge and Wood Sedge.

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    Being an out of city neighborhood, housing is made very affordable. This though is highly determined by the type of housing, the size and the location. Single family homes are for instance much cheaper than the townhouses. Also, houses located within the gated communities also tend to be more expensive but affordable.

    Attractions and things to do

    The beautiful and tranquil community of Biltmore Lake opens up various outdoor activities for the residents. The most obvious activities include activities both within and around the lake like fishing, boating and canoeing. Since the community is also located in a mountainous and forested area, it makes a great place to go on natural trails, adventures, mountain biking, camping, bird watching as well as photography.

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    Other outdoor activities that are quite common in Biltmore include golfing, basketball and tennis. There also are a couple of playgrounds and public parks too where kids can play and where community events usually take place.

    The architecture designs used in most of the buildings in Biltmore Lake is incredibly breath taking so are the streets, theatres, restaurants, shopping centers, farmers’ market and cafes.

    Education and social amenities

    Biltmore Lake residential community is also close by to some of the best schools in the area which include both public and private schools. There also are a number of colleges and universities. Examples of public schools include the Hominy Valley elementary school, Enka middle school and Enka high school.

    Private schools include Veritas Christian Academy, The Asheville School, Hanger hall, Christ school, Carolina day school, Asheville Christian academy and the Asheville Catholic School.

    Institutions of higher learning include Mars Hill College, Brevard College, Montreat College, Asheville Buncombe technical college, Warren Wilson College, University of North Carolina at Asheville, University of Phoenix and the Western Carolina University.

    Healthcare too is provided to all residents within health centers both in Biltmore Lake and in Asheville. Biltmore Lake’s proximity to Asheville further makes it easier for people to find good jobs in the city pretty easily.

    Life in Biltmore Lake community is exceptionally perfect and doesn’t even require one to go on a vacation, for the place is more than just a residential community. Indeed, a lot of families tend to spend their weekends and vacations visiting each other and exploring the natural mysterious of their land.

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