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    Weston Heights – Asheville, NC

    Weston Heights in Asheville, North Carolina

    There are many reasons people come to North Carolina. There are numerous sites to see and many great towns to choose from. Asheville, NC is one of the best places live for many reasons, having the privilege of living in Weston Heights in Asheville is an even better experience.

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    Weston Heights

    A beautiful private community in Asheville. Many amazing homes all around you. When you decide to be part of this community you choose to be part of a family. No worries about your children because everyone in the community looks out for each other. There is nature all around you to enjoy. All of the homes have a higher class feel without making you feel out of place.


    Since moving into such an amazing community would not be as amazing without a great education system to support the next generation you can rest assured that there are multiple schools within range of Weston Heights. You are free to explore the area schools and choose which will best suit you children.

     Weston Heights - Asheville, NC

    Activities in Asheville

    Asheville is a very happening town and thankfully is just minutes away. First and foremost Biltmore Estate it is one of the most common indoor attractions. There is a winery, shopping, and plenty of food.

    If shopping sounds like a great time to you, you have come to the right place. Downtown Asheville contains over 200 different shops and more than 50 restaurants. There are art galleries and museums too, even a Folk Art Center.

    Although the art galleries while shopping can be nice, take a look at what the river arts district has to offer. There are more than 185 working artist in the area and every gallery and studio is worth viewing. So many individual views expressed in hundreds of truly unique ways. Just take a look and see what they have to offer.

    If traditional art is not what you are into take a look at the antique automobile museum and the Wheels through Time Museum.
    That is just the top of the ice berg.

    You can visit breweries, an antique barn, gain some education by learning about the Cherokee Indians, and even visit the childhood home of the great novelist, Thomas Wolfe.

    The atmosphere is a great mixture of city and country life. There is a little bit of nature to remind you to breathe and enjoy with a great combination of city luxuries. You can shop and play to your hearts content.

    You can enjoy the lights then step away to take in some fresh air. All just minutes from a beautiful home in Weston Heights. Enjoy the privacy of a secluded community and the benefits of living in the city.

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