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Quail Hollow – Arden, NC

Quail Hollow in Arden, North Carolina

Quail Hollow is located in beautiful Arden, NC. The homes are surrounded by high peaks of nature and a sense of calm rolling mountains.

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The beauty of nature is only a windows peak away and the convenience of easy access to main highways. The feeling of being away from all things city and business is what the surroundings of the homes of Quail Hollow offers.

The land is beautifully landscaped with hints of color and lined with the most beautiful trees around. The architectural design of homes mimics the elevated style of mosaic art and handcrafted beauty seen in the nearby city.

Family living

Quail Hollow is a perfect place to raise your family. Children of all ages are happy to call the friendly grounds of Quail Hollow home. Neighborhood parks and community activities are safe, friendly and well organized.

The weather is warm and pleasant year round. This gives a feeling of an pleasant and relaxing atmosphere to wake up to as well as come home to.


The subdivision is safe and has an almost nonexistent crime rate. Area law enforcement maintains a safe patrol of the community. The neighborhood association keeps residents aware of area events as well as occurrences in an effort to ensure everyone is safe and well informed.

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Education is a utmost priority for all parents and educators as well in the school system for Quail Hollow. The system is composed of educators and board members critiquing the students for a quality education.

Most of the teachers in the system hold graduate degrees as well as certified training in specialized areas. There is a small teacher to student ratio. This allows your child to learn and prosper from more individualized attention.

Quail Hollow is a excellent place to call home. It delivers all of the necessities wrapped in a package of practicality and beauty. It is designed to provide the family, retiree or young professional everything he needs to make a home.

The options of different styles of homes are superb and always a variety to choose from.

The desire to live in a beautiful area with a tranquil country setting can become your reality with a home in Quail Hollow of Arden, NC. There is a place that is close to your work and near your choice of play places. Find comfort in knowing that there are always plenty of activities and festivals for your enjoyment in the nearby city.

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