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    Relocating to the Asheville, NC Area

    Those who are looking for a great place to raise kids need to look no further than Asheville, NC. The state of North Carolina has the best of both worlds both the mountains and the ocean. There is always something to do and the notable Southern draw and welcoming people tend to make this place one of the greatest states in America.

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    If you are looking to relocate to Asheville, there are a few things that you need to know. First of all, the way of life is just a little bit slower in the south. People take time to wave to neighbors as they pass, and there is always time for lemonade and evening gatherings on the porch. Asheville is located in Buncombe County and is the biggest city on the Western side of NC.

    Statistics of Asheville

    Asheville is a bigger city, but only 85,000 people calling this area home. It is close to mountains and plenty of scenic byways that make this area spectacular. Those who want a little room to spread out can definitely do that here. The average rent for a nice apartment, condominium or small home is around $750 a month.

    However, the housing market is strong here and you can get a wonderful home for around $190,000. While that will not buy much in NYC, you can certainly get an amazing home and more bang for your buck here in the south. The cost of living is reasonable here; actually, it is lower than the national average by 7%.

    The Job Market

    Those who want to move to this area will find there are ample jobs in the downtown and surrounding areas. If it is your dream to work in a skyscraper as a corporate executive, Asheville’s downtown can give you many opportunities.


    Sure economic times have hit this area just like anywhere else, but the newspaper is full of companies looking for good hard workers.

    Those who have degrees and some credentials will find that landing a good job in this area requires just that. Most of the jobs in this area are in the tourism, marketing and retail arenas.

    Things to See And Do

    This area is known for its intense beauty. It got its name on the map for being the location of the largest privately owned home in the country, the Biltmore Estate. Those who love shopping will enjoy the Asheville Mall.

    With more large stores like Macy’s, Old Navy and Marshall’s, a day of shopping can be an adventure. There is another mall in the area and also several strip mall establishments. In total, there are more than 4,000 retail stores in Asheville.

    Those who are not into shopping can enjoy the parks and recreation side. Nothing is better than fresh mountain air and an afternoon of bird watching. There are five major parks in the area that attract many people, with Highland Park being the most common.

    These parks all provide tennis, basketball, hiking trails, ample foliage and bike trails. Afternoons at the park, is a great way to relief stress and enjoy life.

    Buying A Home

    If you are looking to settle down in Asheville, you will have a great selection of homes, condominiums and apartment communities to choose. While you may not be able to afford a home like the Biltmore Estate, there is certainly something to fit your family’s needs.

    Asheville is divided into 5 main neighborhoods. They are, North, South, East, West and City Center. Those who want walking distance to al fresco cafes and the nightlife can opt for a condominium close by. The West side has the most diverse group of people and quaint bungalows and lower priced real estate.

    The Southern part of the city is where the famous Biltmore estate is featured. Many of the homes in this area are pre-1920 and have a lot of curb appeal with mature trees and higher price tags.

    The East side is for those who love the stunning mountain views. The mountaintop vistas are popular choices and the home selection with acreage is easier to find in this side of town. The North is another well-established neighborhood with tree-lined streets and plenty of Victorian homes.

    While there are some new developments, this posh area is the second most popular area to purchase a home, outside of the Southern parts.

    Regardless of where you decide to settle at in Asheville, there is something for everyone. With excellent school systems, plenty of parks and shopping, Asheville is one of the best places on earth.

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