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    Rock Springs – Woodfin, NC

    Rock Springs in Woodfin, NC

    If you are looking to settle in the Rock Springs subdivision in Asheville, NC then you have found the right place for yourself and your family.

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    Rock Springs has loads of new opportunities and experiences for you to encounter and is filled with luscious flora and enrichment. Fitted neatly within a welcoming neighborhood, Rock Springs is here to welcome to you to your new home.

    You will have the gorgeous views of the ancient French Broad River in your grasp within the town of Woodfin, NC. Located just a few minutes from Asheville, you’ll find kind people, great job opportunities, tasty eateries and incomparable scenery all around you.

    With all of the benefits of a big city but without the hustle and bustle, Rock Springs of Woodfin will welcome you with open arms and warm hearts.

    Things to do near Rock Springs

    Rock Springs is nestled comfortably between a few major cities, so you will always have access to some of the best sights and activities. Whether you like to shop or if you are a nature enthusiast, you’ll find your needs and interests met living in Rock Springs. There are also quite a few highly rated schools for your children to attend if you indeed have children.

    Schools Near Rock Springs

    Do you have children? If you plan to make your home in the Rock Springs subdivision, then the town of Woodfin has several different schools for you to choose from! There is an elementary, middle and high school all within a few miles of the subdivision, making for very easy transport. If you are interested in a private school, the Hanger Hall school is also within a short travel distance.

    Rock Springs, Woodfin, NC


    If shopping is up your avenue, then just a short distance up the river from the Rock Springs subdivision, you will find a fairly large shopping center with plenty of stores to browse clothing and furniture!

    Alternatively, if you decide you want a more grandeur shopping experience, you can make a quick trip up the freeway and do some shopping in the Town and Country Square shopping center! You also have access to the Westgate Regional Shopping Center , which is loaded with different stores and shops!

    Outdoor Activities for the Whole Family

    Keeping fit and active is a large part of family life today and you can find plenty of activities to partake in outdoors near the Rock Springs subdivision in Woodfin, NC. Maybe Dad likes to golf?

    The vast Richmond Hill Disc Golf Course can give hours of relaxing enjoyment. There are also many nature centers in the area that are perfect for hiking, as well at multiple fields and tracks to run on.

    Overall, you’ll find your dream home in Rock Springs subdivision, in Woodfin, NC. You will find yourself and your family surrounded by lush nature, plus a warm, welcoming community full of enriching enterprise and learning opportunities. Come and visit Rock Springs, you won’t be sorry that you did.

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