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    Turnberry – Asheville, NC

    Turnberry in Asheville, North Carolina

    Tucked away in the Western side of the state, Asheville, NC is the place that more than 425,000 people calling this city home. It is the largest city on the Western side, but only ranks 11th when compared to largest cities in the state.

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    The metropolis is located near some of the most breathtaking sites in NC, including the Blue Ridge Mountains. Though it is not on the ocean like the eastern cities of the state, it has two amazing rivers in its proximity, the Swannanoa and the French Broad.


    Many people come to this area because of the amazing humid subtropical climate. Because this area sits at a higher altitude, it tends to be more of a cooler climate than some would think. The mountains bring in cool air and this is great for those who have intolerance to the heat and extreme temperatures of the south.

    Asheville is one of the few cities in NC that gets snow. While they don’t have blizzard or treacherous conditions, they can get 5 inches at times. Plenty of the white fluffy stuff for a snow ball fight or a good sled ride.

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    Asheville is divided into 4 areas, North, South, East and West. Some of the more popular neighborhoods for buying homes are Grove Park, Biltmore Village, Chestnut hill and many others. There are more than 40 neighborhoods to choose from when relocating.

    Those who are looking for a modest tutor or a polish palace can find something to fit their budget. The average housing price in Asheville is around $190,000. There are plenty of cookie cutter neighborhoods and some old historic areas that have one of a kind charm and character.

    Things to Do

    Those who love the great outdoors will find ample things to do in Asheville. There are hiking trails and plenty of banks to sit and fish on the rivers. Living in this area gives everyone an appreciation for wildlife. Since the mountains are home to many animals, it is not uncommon to see bear and coyotes on occasion. Bird watching in this area is absolutely fabulous.

    The WNC Nature Center allows children and adults to come and interact with animals. Their new river otters, Obi-Wan and Olive, have become quite a hit with the locals. One thing is for sure, there is no reason to be bored in this thriving metropolis.

    Some say Asheville is a shopping paradise. There are shops, stores and malls on every corner. Because of the old southern feel, the tailgating farmer’s market is a big hit with those wanting fresh produce.

    There are typical department stores, but there is a large selection of antique malls and peddlers working right on the streets. The Historic Biltmore Village is a great place to find antiques and to visit some of the nostalgic part of the city.


    With great school systems, plenty of parks and green space and a down home feeling, some say this is the best place in the world to raise a family. Regardless of why a person comes to Ashville, one thing is for certain, they won’t leave because this is the place to call home.

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